Saturday, 1 October 2016

My Country

We chose to make our world by our words,  shielding our sword so that we'd not live in war.

 For we can no longer withstand the stream of blood of our fellow compatriot flowing ceaselessly and running deep into the ground.

The luciferic descendants have tormented us enough!  Discoloring the finely array atmosphere with dark smokes of explosion.  But we remain strong with unflinching hope.

We ought to have break apart but our differences thickened the possibilities of our breaking forth.

It is independence,

Not because we do not see the sores on the shore of this nation but with sound foresight we resort not to hopelessness because  there will be a great result.

With all the flaws,  we'd hold the force so that the flood will not flush the floor underneath our foots.

The cascading effect is not enough to cause a change in the course of our drives.

Against all the friction of physics, we'd motion and ultimately rise to the occasion.
Many sledge to break our bridge but God remain our Ridge.

With the undeniable stupefying retrogressions, the crawling giant will leap forward.

We are Nigerians
And we are rare among the comity of nations because we are specially reared.

Though we travail like one in Labour pain
But we will prevail,  having our gain
Because the sun shall shine again
And when she become to reign
We'd be able to say our labor is not in vain

We'd triumph not minding the storm.
Our boat will not hit an iceberg
Because the master of the universe is the one paddling us.
Therefore,  we are bold and can boast,
That we'd not fold up no matter the resounding sounds of our foes.

Impact making is all I stand for!
This is all it takes to be a Nigerian.
And will ever be proud to be one.


Thursday, 26 May 2016


My friend, so with all your ungrammatical and highly distorted use of lexis and structure, you've finally decided to  settle with the Jeniffer Diary of a thing?

What did you talking me about?

But this is not helping you. You've just committed another blunder! This is what I am saying; 'with all your bad bad oyinbos why have you decided to make it worst? (You should understand that at least.)

Ooohhhh.... The movie is just sweet and funny friend.

Sweet? Anyway, you should know that I am not a lover of movie as such. The few ones I lay my hands on to watch is because they are highly educative. And you would have seen me watching discoveries especially on the TEDtalk. It was through my careful observation everyday that I was poised to ask why the atmosphere is being filled with blunders. What brought me closer to the reality of what is totally wrong was when I heard people greeting themselves in a particular dilapidated English manner. That was when I knew where the whole trouble emanated.

The simple challenge is that almost everybody in the campus especially our ladies are now suffering from this same syndrome

You 'mention TEDtalk then...' but Have not heard about TEDtalk before.

Sorry. Well, I think it is advisable you go get A-one in English (or simple approach to English Language) in order to fortify your spoken English because you can't continue like this. You only have to learn in order to get better or worst. Why not take time to learn vigorously so as to jive in the ocean of metaphor? Why not settle down to know the anatomy of the lexis and structure that are the building blocks of English language? If you won't mind, get materials that can help furnish and garnish your spoken English and stop speaking bullets that can  make the fowls and the goats around to meet their grave untimely (don't you know you are about spoiling the much awaited christmas when you kill all of them out of your I-don't-care disposition to what you speak?)

Bullet? When did speaking bad English become a bullet?

That is however a bitter pile you may not want to swallow. Thank God you have not even killed me with your bullets

It's interesting speaking with you about this bad bad english of a thing ooooo. But wait, can I siad (point of correction, not said but say. Thanks Mr. Oyinbo) that you are forming ota  (enemy) for Jeniffer diary.

Far be it from me. I'm only trying to correct what some of you think is wow when it is a woe (as suggested by one of my brothers.)  You can't survive in this manner especially in this 21st century. What if you are a teacher? Is this the same way you will be teaching your students and expect them to have A1 in English? (shake his head to mean NO) I can bet you from now till eternity that they will not only have F9, if there is F100 they will live to enjoy it (is that a curse? No) only the wise ones among those students would  know that such teachings are preparatory grounds for an excellent poor performance.
Or how will you wake up as a parent and greet your children in this same silly manner; 'How is you?' when you ought to say, -How are you?' All of these look so simple but they are important and very germane when it comes to exercising the act of effective communication. I'm double sure no company will consider such an individual with watery grammar.
To think I am against the movie may be a wrong judgement. I'm only trying to emphasize the influence it may have/ is having on some of these young chaps and even the so-called grown ups.

Hmmmmmmmm... But it make people lively?

That is one of the key elements of the work of art. Am not disputing it friend. But how do you reconcile making people lively and ultimately distort their speaking morphology? Common, to entertain people does not require all the stress. Even with sound grammatical constructions and well articulated language control you can do that. Get some TEDtalks movies and you will understand better. The world of art is influencial and that is why caution must be thrown into the air.

Are you sure of all of 'this'

Not this but 'these'
If only we can get a book shop right away I'll not mind getting you some of the books I menioned earlier because it is a life investement to know what is right and wrong.

I wish you well. Don't spend your time accumulating what will not add up to your CV or progress in life.

Thanks Ore. Must get to the school Bookshop to get myself materials that will 'fortify' my English as you have said.

God bless your heart friend for giving attention to this.


Saturday, 16 April 2016


He dashed into the room, looking worn out and tired of the stress of the whole day,  having left home since morning with empty stomach. He threw his shirt to the floor, his trouser to the corner of the bed and his two sandals were flung to different angles. He had even forgotten to say his prayer of thanksgiving for safety since morning because the hunger had wired him up that he could not even remember that there exist a God somewhere.

Looking hopeless and disturbed. He said to himself, this is the last cup of gaari, let me drink and die (he had said this before remembering that he was quoting that widow of Zeraphath). He quickly changed it to, "eat and sleep." Well, school life sometimes is not about how good the food is but how filled your stomach is. Femi soaked the gaari for some minutes, allowing it to swell up very well so that his belly would feelled the gravity of the gaari. No sugar, no groundnut. All went like that into his stomach. He stretched his arms as his belly now protrude outside like a pregnant woman. Life must continue, whether sweet or sour. There will always be light after a dark tunnel, he muttered. That reminds him of the verse of the scripture he read earlier in the day that says, "for the present suffering is nothing to be compared with the glory to be revealed in us" This strengthen his inner man. Again, the word of his pastor dissolved in his heart by saying, "though sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning" These powerful words diffused away the horrors and rigors of life that he was faced with. Something rang in his brain, 'your assignment!' as he made it to the bed and greet the night good bye. Picking up his pen, he lights up the candle and encouraged his tired fingers to hold up the withering tendrils of his pen. As he writes, his head was dancing up and down like a pendulum Bob. His eyes closing up and even his hand writing now going off the line. He managed to finish the assignment and then lay his small head on the pillow.

He didn't even bother to ask after his naughty room mate. He guessed he might have stayed over in school due to the nature of his department work. Snoring heavily, he slept off. Little did he knew that another day was here. It was the sound of the cock that crewed that made him jump off from his bed. Rushed to the bathroom, dressed up, had his study and prayers for the morning. He was out again for the day.

As he approached the school gate, Jide shouted, "and the Femo!" He smiled, how was your night Jide? It was great. And yours? Short but wonderful!
Common, Femi, I am poised to ask you few questions. You can, Femi said.
You are always smiling and live more happily everyday?

Femi took a deep breathe and said, My friend, I have learnt  many lessons out of life. I was born into the school of adversity and over times have decides to advanced in this school. Not because it was easy for me but I have to take the bull by the horn. I have to face life headlong and unequivocally. Being positive about all situations of life. I don't lived to know my Mum and my Dad passed on while I was about writing my common entrance examinations. My family members however rallied round after much family meetings to come to my aid because they forsee a bright future and considering the generosity of my Father before he died. The road not that smooth but by staying positive I know things would turned around.

More so, problems don't get solved by being pessimistic but being optimistic by smiling to dust away the sorrow that travels in the air.
Jide could not believed his ear. He didn't know when he broke down in tears. Femi asked him why all the cry? And he said, even though my condition is okay, I was born into a wealthy family with well to do parents but I am never satisfied with all their provisions. Always want everything at every time. I never knew these are hardships you were passing through, yet you keep moving notwithstanding. Your life is a lesson to me Femi!

Having considered this, jide  promised to give part of his pocket money to financed Femi in his pursuit. He couldn't believed this as he gratefully thanked him for his support.
This story of Femi's life changed the perspective of Jide then he knew there are many people at the other part of the world. Femi had not tell anybody about this save jide  out of his inquisitiveness.
Despite the adversities, he learnt to advance and weather the storm. That Child of adversity has now become a global figure after many taste of life challenges.
Friends, it will soon heal up once you stayed focused and committed regardless of the present adverse conditions you are in. Greet each day with hope! Your dispositions to life matters!


Saturday, 7 June 2014

LADIES: Let's Have A Sanctury of Reasoning


Without any sense of remorse I picked up the
withering tendrils of my pen to spite in verse
some words of advice not minding the flow of
criticism that this would/may caused.
My fear for this generation is that
i see ladies in their fruitful and fresh age having
no firm plans for their lives but are desperately
in anticipation to go to the altar thinking that
their husband's wealth would sustain and keep
them going forgetting that this is 21st century.As
myopic this mentality may be so also is its
dangers beyond measure.There is therefore a
great need for ladies to see themselves operating
beyond the kitchen level and feeding fat on their
husband's influence and affluence.They must
stop a parasitic life style and channel the right
course of their lives.Who said that ladies are not
breaking grounds and i will show you people like
Oprah Winfrey,Joyce Meyer,Ngozi Okonjo iweala
et al.
However,pity is the case today that some ladies
are still short-circuited in their thinking,believing
that their destiny lies in the hands of the man
they'd marry.Asking some ladies the plans
they're having for themselves,it'd not surprise
you seeing them eating up their fingers without
being able to do that graphically.But asking them
where they see themselves in the next 4,5
years,the response is always with great
enthusiasm,sharp and quick with rays of laughter
beaming out of their mouths.I'm sure you can
guess what the response wouldd be.I am not
saying that marriage is bad.sincerely it's a good
one,but this must not engulf ladies to the point
of lacking the mental capacity to envisage their
vision.That a lady would end up in a man's
house should not be an end to the vision she is
pregnant with.
The truth here is that;any lady who can better
define her way before getting married would sure
be a good asset rather than a liability to her
husband.In fact the wealth of her husband would
only be a bonus to her and not a dependent
factor.The problem here is that many ladies have
seen their husband as Jesus that will carry their
cross/burden.NO! That should not be.
This sincere truth must therefore sink down into
the subconsciousness of every lady that,'the
value of a man depends on the value of her wife
and value here is defined based on 'stuffs' you
are made up of,not beauty' Seeing ladies who
knows where
they are going gladdens my heart and I
appreciate such.It will not shock you to realise
that the personalities of such a lady becomes a
point of challenge to the man himself.
On this note,it'd be good to draw a close by
saying that ladies can try to see that as much as
they beautify their physical appearances,they
must also beautify their minds and made up of
stuffs that will keep them standing and
flourishing in their own world as well.After all we
have Deborah who stood ramrod for Isrealites
and eventually gave them an outstanding
victory.God is waiting for another sets of
Deborah that would take the world by surprise
and decide the fate of the world,not empty-
headed,timid and lacklusters.
Your husband's house is not the terminus,but
the transit point.Have a change of idea.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Honestly,friends,I know how you feel about this,and I know how much you so care about me.I've no doubt that you're bemused/bewildered seeing this shocking post and what looks somehow crazy on my wall. However,there'sa need to keep you out of darkness by propagating rays of light to my intent.I can't just continue to live again,because I'm tired of living.After this piece,I'm pretty sure that you'll willingly hand over your life to God so as to die in the same sense as mine. I've come to see to it that,unless God kill me,it'll be apparently impossible for me to live a successful and meaningful life.Honestly,my life would be in a commotion and without shape.Since there must be reason(s) to die,I'd then say that: why'd I love to die? for what reason? There are two parts in me that're always in constant fight against each other.And since they've started this fight for long,each one stuck to its gun-not ready to surrender.I've persistently see them waging war against each other without being able to silence anyone of them because they're too tough to be reconciled.As a result of this,they don't give me peace,at the same time,they do not give me chance to live my life the way I want it.Don't you think that a dead person is better than a living but troubled fellow? And because they're both in me,there must be a need for me to die,since the death of one means that I've died to it and living up to the other... They're not anonymous,so I'd give you there names.They're: 'Mr.Flesh and Mr.Spirit' You can't just believe that they're too strong to be killed by amunitions of the world and that's why God is needed. The scripture makes it crystal clear in Ephesians 5:17 says,'for the sinful nature(Mr.flesh) desires what's contrary to the (Mr) spirit,and the spirit what's contrary to the sinful nature.They're in conflict with each other,so that you do not do what you want' hmmm... Then,I see that Mr.flesh is always winning the war.Sincerely,I'd not have borthered myself not until it becomes plain to me that,'if Mr.Flesh is always taking the lead,then am in hot soup' Romans 8:7 says,'the sinful mind(or the mind set on the flesh) is hostile to God.It does not submit to God's law,nor can it do so 'This is when I know that,'I'm much in trouble' While I was still in doubt of whether I'm being controlled by the flesh or not,Galatians 5:19-21 says that I should verify the veracity of my deeds..'The acts of the sinful nature are obvious:sexual immorality,impurity and debauchery;jealousy and withcraft;hatred,discord,jealousy,fits of rage,selfish ambition,dissensions,factions and envy;drunkeness,orgies,and the like. Kindly choose yours.I've picked mine. So,in the midst of this confusion and a dare need for desperate help,I came across a solution which is not all that easy,but it's the only surviving way.In this search,Romans 6:11 says,'Count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in christ Jesus.Thereforedo not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires' It's at this point that I knew that I must give myself voluntarily to be sluttered.Romans 6:7 makes it a matter of necessity-'....because anyone who has died has been free from sin' What is my gain when I gave up the ghost? Romans 6:8-10 says,'Now if we died with christ,we believe that we will live with him.For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead,he cannot die again;death no longer has mastery over him.The death he died,he died to sin once for all;but he lives,he lives to God' My joy from that passage is that,when am dead to sin,I'd be alive with christ(2Timothy2:11 testify to it also..'If we died with him,we'll also live with him),and Mr.Flesh'd be buried.Don't forget that Mr.flesh is part of me,but once God kill him,I must certainly die as well after which I'd be brought back to life to follow Mr.SPIRIT Please bear with me here,I'd simply tell you in a jiffy,how I was killed..Romans 8:10 says,'but if Christ is in you,your body is dead because of sin,yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness' wao! Kindly give ur life to him now if you want to be dead to be alive. What's the joy of being dead then? Rom 8:6b says,'..but the mind controlled by the spirit is life and not death' vs 13,'...but those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God' This is wonderful! Gal 5:16,then charged me:'so I say,live by the spirit,and you'll not gratify the desires of the sinful nature' Friends,I'll drop the pen here to tell you that you must offer your life to God through Jesus so that He may kill you and make you alive with Him. In case you've not given your life to Christ,simply say this:Lord Jesus,I acknowledge I'm a sinner.You paid 4 my sins on the cross of Calvary,and I accept ur salvation.Wash me with your blood,make me a new person and write my name in the Book of Life.Thank you for ur Mercy IJN. LET GOD KILL EVERY SEED OF SIN IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU MAY LIVE UNTO RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


There was an incident that happened years ago which lasted for hours or less than that.From our childhood stage,we're being told about this.Though,it's always hilarious to us then because of how it's introduced to us.You can also bear a witness to it.
Listening or reading about this story always make most of us to be highly judgemental in our sense of thoughts,and pointing accusing fingers to the victim of the incident.After all human points of view which is from the reasoning perspective,we forget how significant the issue is.In fact,we joke it off sometimes.Beyond the story level we've come to the point of gaining insights to how relevant the story is.

Just as you're wondering about which story am talking about out of number of stories you know,I'll like you go with me at a speed of light into the book of Hebrew 12:16 which reads;'see that no one is sexually immoral or is godless like Esau,who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest'

I'd not be taking the whole of the passage,but will do good considering the latter part of the scripture.
The story of Esau and Jacob is not new to you,yet it can be new to you as we sieve it through the grids of the scripture.Before I go further,let me quickly establish that,God predestined both boys before their birth,and you can see that being mentioned by apostle Paul in his epistle to believers at Rome in 'Romans 9:13-21'

However,beyond the prism of their predestination,we'd quickly stew in some important lessons from the life of Esau in particular....

Let's take the verse in part:'...who for a single meal...' It's obvious that Esau was seriously hungry that he needed to eat to filled up is stomach.It was at this present moment that he made an unwise decision by selling out his future jokingly to his desperate brother who's ready to pay all it takes to have the glory of his brother.

The question is that;was the hunger so much that Esau could not bear it for that moment? I think this is where the problem lies,it wasn't that he can't endure but he lacks the power or spirit of self control/self discipline.Why can't he disciplined his stomach atleast for that day to esque the future regret? Let phil 3:19 shed much light on the reason behind this..'their destiny is destruction,their god is their stomach,and their glory is in their shame.Their mind is on earthly things'

It's at this point,I unearthed that,a christian who lacks the power of self-discipline will definitely fall into the trap(snares) of the enemy.Some people've become addicted to certain habits that they thought that without it,they'd not survive.In this age of ours,people are becoming too loose that they can't gain control over their immoral behaviours in which a slight opportunity makes them give in to sins.some have believed that;masturbation,sexual sins,gossiping,stealing,lieing,indescent dressings,greediness et al is part of them,and whenever the devil introduced it to them,they fall for him.The question is:what is/are your weak point(s) that can easily land you into a big error of your life?

The crucial aspect of this story is that:there is a high possibility of Esau thinking that if he couldn't get the food at that time,he'd definitely die.
That simply implies that,the devil is always in a game of deluding us with the mentality of 'instant gratification of our needs' He'll always want us to think that we need everything now and not other time.This pushes us to make unnecessary demands.He'd tell you that you need the latest wears in town,if not you'll not meet up with your expensive friends.He can even tell you that;unless you dress shabbly or indescently,you'll not be reckoned with and be isolated by friends.He can come in different ways friends.
Just note this:there's nothing pressing in life that you're in need of that your Father(God) has not provided (see Eph 1:3-4) When you're pressed to make a costly demand,you can try phil 4:6 that you may not fall into his trap.

Now,just in a day,'he sold his inheritance rights' What qualifies him as the next of kin was sold out just like that! A day of lustful satisfaction that leads to eternal regret.
The devil may be telling you that,it doesn't matter,just trade your virginity for money or for the unbriddled appetite for sex.
Ooh! Esau thoughts that,it's nothing serious to do that,he must have told Jacob that;'you're funny shaa,just because of that,it's a small thing.You just give me'll have my rights'
In the same way you joke away the glory of God in your life by playing costly games with your life.

Vs17b says,'He was rejected....he sough t the blessing with tears'
May you not take a decision that'd caused you tears.
The devil'll always come back to toment you,even when you're enjoying those sins now.

On this note,take these with you:
sin'll take you father than you wanted.

Sin'll keep u longer than u wanted to stay.

Sin'll cost you more than you wanted to pay.

Just in a day...

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I do not have a family of mine yet,but that won't stop me from being able to address some pertinent issues revolving around the axis of the family in which the parents are the active players.I'd be looking at the subject of discussion probably from two points of view.And will give attention to one than the other so as to drive home my point.

Obviously,the place of parents in the life of their children cannot be underrated.This is so true because the home is the primary background of every child.Parents are the number one teacher in a family set up.It then means that,'whatever you see from the part of their children,is a product of the handiwork of their parents' At this stage,two things are possible:It's either their children are good or bad.However,it's possible for a child brought up in an ideal home to turn bad as a result of some external factors.But that's not where am going...
Simply,the family is the foundation of the children.Though,we've some children whose parents do not brought up in the way of God and also not in the way of satan,but in a space of time,these children unearthed reasons for them to know more of God.So,they build their relationship with God with their hands when they see their parents not capable for reasons best known to them.

However,there's no pause without a cause.I made up my mind to finally write this article to save the unborn generation.
I've continuously hear a mother teaching her very young boy an ungodly/worldy slangs which to her is just to catch fun,not knowing that the brains of children are very sharp in taking in information.You can't just believe that,early in the morning you see this mother saying this,and the boy will continue with it.
But then,I've not seen this woman quoting a portion of the scripture and wait for the guy to complete it. Never!.The other day, I heard the boy singing,'personally...' and who're we to blame if not for the parents that do not take their primary assignment serious.This is where we ought to know that the headaches of the community and even the church starts from the family.Honestly,pastoral ministry'd be very easy,if every parent could help pastored their children.No wonder the church is full of untrained children which ultimately become a burden to the pastor in the church.If a child is brought up in a godly home,taught how to speak,how to dress,how to pray,how to respect et al we'd have a less number of abnormalities in our society today.

Yeah! You don't have a family yet,but you can always take a view of how you want your family to be and the types of children you wonna build.Is it the one that'd make exploit or the one that'd turn a nuisance to the community and the church of God?
You may be fervent with God,but once your fervency does not affect your children,it's a waste of time!

On this note,let's take a bible character to conclude this topic.Hear the word of Bro.Paul to Timothy in 2Tim 1:5, "I've been reminded of your sincere faith,which first lived in your groundmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and I'm persuaded,now lives in you also" Guess you can see how the faith was established in Timothy.Her parents can't be discarded in this matter,though his dad was not mentioned.
Let's take 2Tim 3:15 to sum it up,'and how from infancy you've known the holy scriptures,which are able to make you wise...'
It was from the infant stage that he had known God.

To all growing youths that'd one day have their family,take time to teach your children in a godly way and not in an ungodly manner.